The Golden Dawn

طلوع طلایی (The Golden Dawn) is a terrorist organization and a cult of personality. It is often mistaken for an Islamic fundamentalist group, and, indeed, it has a radical agenda devoted to bringing about one world under Islamic rule. But it is more complicated than that.

In fact, the Golden Dawn seeks to release the Avatars. All of them.


The Golden Dawn rose out of Project Utopia’s attempts to wipe out organized crime. After US-backed Elites located and killed the highest-ranking members of al-Qaeda in 2005, it looked as if Islamic Terrorism was on the decline. But this was merely a calm before the storm.

In fact, a number of former al-Qaeda militants joined with dissatisfied Iraqi insurgents and took shelter in Pakistan. They waited until the world’s attention was elsewhere, recruiting new members for what would be a glorious push to a new beginning, a Golden Dawn that would see the enemies of Islam wiped out.

At the center of this viper’s nest was The Mahdi. The Mahdi claimed to be a prophet, and he had foreseen great things. Following the Mahdi’s visions, The Golden Dawn trained, prepared, and, eventually, managed to get hold of a nuclear device that utilized a primitive form of fusion.

After a divisive election in 2009, as incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was reelected over cries of electoral fraud, The Golden Dawn decided to act. The Mahdi had foreseen this day, and told them that the only way forward was to wipe the corrupt ruling party and the Ayatollahs who had allowed it to fester. The Golden Dawn brought their device into Tehran. The Mahdi himself ignited the bomb, leveling over 30 city blocks, killing hundreds, including most of Iran’s government.

The Mahdi, of course, survived this, as he was a Nova with the power to channel heat and radiation. In the wake of the blast, he traveled the ruins and made sure to personally finish off any members of the ruling party who had happened to survive, along with their families if he could reach them.

“The Mahdi” was Mohammad bin Ibrahim bin Hussein al-Fadiq. al-Fadiq had long been interested in reuniting the Arab and Islamic nations of the world into a single holy nation, one capable of combating The Great Satan of the West. He saw the coming of the Novas as a sign from God that a new era was coming to the world.

During the American war in Afghanistan, al-Fadiq joined the fight as a member of Al-Qaeda. During a raid, he was caught a blast from a poorly-placed IED, and gained the power to channel and redirect energy when his Node sparked. At first, he used his powers in service to Al-Qaeda, but he grew increasingly disenchanted with Osama bin Laden’s leadership, and broke ties with the group. He felt that he could do more with his powers. Much more. So he began preaching his brand of militant Islam, and, after the fall of the Al-Qeada leadership, his hold began to grow.

After the Tehran Bombing, al-Fadiq took a more political role. He charmed his way up until he was in a position to seize control, using the Golden Dawn as his tools while publicly decrying and denouncing radical terrorists. He was elected President of Iran in 2010, and worked at rebuilding the nation’s government. He took his boldest step in 2011, renaming his nation The Islamic Republic of Persia and opened talks with the weakened government of Iraq. The two states merged in 2012, and al-Fadiq set his eye on the rest of the Middle East.

His most important move was to have the site of Shadow Weave Ground Zero declared a holy site, and asked Muslims everywhere to visit the site on pilgrimage. He could not have told you why he felt this was important, to channel the faith of millions to a barren patch of desert.

As The Persian Republic gained power, al-Fadiq used The Golden Dawn as his agents, destabilizing areas and then swooping in to “assist” them. Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanaon, Jordan, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates were “assisted” in such a manner, with many pledging aid or out-right joining the Persian Republic.

The Golden Dawn wasn’t responsible for the entire Arab Spring, but it certainly put the unrest to good use

The Golden Dawn

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