The Avatars

The Avatars are widely considered to be the most powerful Abnormals in existance. The Avatars are being of pure Avatar Energy given human form and will, and have the ability to rearrange and deconstruct matter on a vast scale, along with generating devastating amounts of raw Avatar Energy.

The Avatars appeared on October 31st, 2013, exactly 10 years after the Shadow Weave unleashed the Novas on the world. 12 identical nuclear strikes were recorded simultaneously, with a 13th occurring one minute later. When Team Tomorrow was sent to investigate, The Avatars wiped them out—all except The Paragon, who was gravely injured and left in a coma but did not actually die.

Little is known about how The Avatars came to work for Mohammad al-Fadiq, the President of the Persian Republic. All that is known for certain is that, two days after they appeared, President al-Fadiq revealed their presence to the world at large in a televised broadcast, where he claimed that “Allah himself has sent our nation 12 avatars of the martyrs who have died for His cause. These 12 are the mighty incarnation of Allah’s will, and it is His will that all the world be united under Islam. Those who would seek to challenge Allah’s will shall feel the touch of the avatars He has sent, and will be wiped clean from the face of the world.” The Avatars then demonstrated their abilities for the camera.

At this time, many were skeptical about how powerful the Avatars were. After all, Novas could do many powerful and amazing things. Glowing beings of pure energy were unusual, but not unheard of. Even the loss of Team Tomorrow wasn’t quite enough to convince the general public about the dangers of the Avatars.

But The Persian Republic began aggressively negotiating with gulf states, attempting to scare them into joining the PR or face annihilation. And President al-Fadiq knew the most potent secret about the Avatars—it wasn’t just that they were so personally powerful, it’s that they could make other people into Novas just by exposure to their emanations.

President al-Fadiq secretly exposed entire towns to the Avatars, creating dozens of new Novas in just a few weeks. Those who didn’t erupt, however, tended to either sicken or go mad. By the middle of 2014, he had increased the number of Persian novas by a hundred fold, and thousands had been stricken with illness.

The vast majority of these Novas were Flares, people whose node only opened partway. They had lesser powers than full Novas, and unless constantly exposed to the Avatars their powers faded after a few months. But even a weak Nova is still a Nova. This became abundantly clear when the first true conflict of The Avatar Crisis started.

It started with Kashmir. Tensions in the region flared when Pakistan, relying on the might of some of the PR’s newly-created Nova forces, attempted to seize and enforce their claim on Kashmir. India fought back, and China was dragged into the conflict when fighting spilled across their border into a disputed territory.

President al-Fadiq, preparing for a war with Europe, had no intention of fighting on two fronts. having tested his troops in the field, he abruptly withdrew his support of Pakistan and instead allied with India. In return for this, Pakistani muslims would be allowed to immigrate to the Persian Republic proper.

Pakistan was unprepared for this betrayal and occupied by Indian forces. With the Occupation settled, India renewed it’s war effort with China, which allowed President al-Fadiq to concentrate on his real target: Israel.

The invasion of Israel demonstrated the power of the Avatars and the PR’s Nova forces.

[to be continued]

The Avatars

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