Project Prometheus

Project Prometheus is a black budget operation funded by Dark-Hawke Industries for the sole purpose of figuring out how to artificially induce the eruption of an M-R Node.

The project focused on the research of Dr. Remial Mortos, who theorized that certain exotic energy emissions unique to Avatar Energy could trigger the eruption of an M-R Node in a subject with the right sequence of latent genetic introns.

The research noted that Novas could produce some of these emissions when using their powers. The researchers wanted to see if they could artificially reproduce these emissions, and so they arranged to have a dozen criminal Novas transferred into their custody with large bribes to corrupt administrators and politicians. These were initially housed at The Hillside Institute for the Criminally Insane, until an escape attempt forced them to move the subjects to the facility beneath the Hamill building.

They also attempted to introduce the Latent Intron sequence to a non-Latent patient, using a combination of chemical therapy and a bone-marrow transplant. Dr. Caroline Quinn was the first human to undergo the grueling and painful procedure, which did result in the successful transplant.

The first test of the Quantum Emission generating-machine successfully transformed Dr. Quinn into a Nova…after which she promptly slaughtered the research staff, freed the Dirty Dozen, stole or destroyed the research, and fled to become the supervillainess Carrion Queen.

The Project continues, however.

Project Prometheus

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