Spirits exist, and they can grant superpowers. This is the basic thing you need to know about the Imbued. The Imbued don’t have inherent powers of their own—they act as channels for beings from The Concept Realms. Most people think Spiritual Powers are just another form of the power wielded by Novas and Mystics, and that Imbued are something like the Daredevils of the Mystical Powers set. The people who think this are wrong. Spirits aren’t native to the BNW’s reality, and their powers are literally from another world.

Historical: Though Imbued themselves wouldn’t be recognized as such for decades, Pope Benedict XVI released his controversial Ad Dei Lucem proclamation, declaring that novas (referred to as “the nephilim”), while “invested with divine power” and “above the normal realm of mankind,” have immortal souls, are tainted with original sin, and can be saved through the grace of Christ. The ambivalent wording of the bull worried a great many people, since certain passages of the Ad Dei Lucem could be interpreted as separating novas from human affairs (and were, in the case of The Pantheon.

Other Terms: Imbued aren’t well understood. Sometimes the Imbued are referred to as Nephilim, Elhoim, Cambions, Changelings, Yōkai, The Possesed, and so on. Many people mistakenly think Saints are Imbued, as they claim to channel holy power through faith. Most Imbued appear as mythological beings or creatures of some sort, and a great many Bygones are Imbued.

Sometimes people describe being “spirited away” by beings (Aliens, Faeries, Men In Black, and so on), experimented with, and then returned, having gained powers in the process. Many of these Imbued call themselves The Abducted or The Taken.

Game Mechanics: Imbued are the most mythological of the Origins. Angels, Demons, Faeries, Ghosts, and more Imbue mortals to do their bidding and spread their agenda. Classic creatures of myth and legend, such as vampires, zombies, werewolves, golems, and the like are also among the Imbued. Spirits are also likely to haunt places (Genius Loci) or objects (Relics). Imbued are likely to have strange taboos, compulsions, urges, backseat drivers, vows, obligations, and other constraints on their will or their time. Imbued are the most likely to have a moral or ethical theme to their powers.


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