Corporate Space Race

NASA does not receive the funding it used to, but that doesn’t mean humanity has stopped reaching for the stars. There are projections of a resource crunch coming as more and more humans are born on earth. The idea has taken root—with enough subsidies, corporations could take over providing the logistics of space travel, as the prevailing theory is that the private sector can do the job better.

Several companies are working on replacements for the long-retired space shuttle fleet. Boeing, Space X, Sierra Nevada, Dark-Hawke Industries, and Pentex, Incorportated are working on designs for ships that can not just carry scientists into space, but to Mars and the asteroid belt. Each of these companies wants NASA using their products for the next ambitious step: exploring and colonizing new worlds for the purposes of research and resource exploitation.

Given that Abnormals can survive much more punishing conditions than baselines and can have world-altering abilities, the idea of transforming new worlds into habitable ones that are completely dependent on the corporations to provide them with supplies is tickling the greediest minds at these corporations.

So they compete for the contract to provide spaceships that can repeatedly leave and return to Earth, and even land on a distant world and then lift off again.

And the clock is ticking, because Germany, The United Kingdom, The Russian Confederation, China, and India are all working on the problem, too.

Corporate Space Race

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