The Shadow Weave

Magic was always possible in The Brave New World. The ability to alter the quantum forces of reality has been present at various times in the past, from the rise of the Greeks, the wonders of ancient China, to the shamans of the Native Americans. But before the Shadow Weave, “Magic,” in all it’s forms, was a difficult and costly affair. ancient Leylines of power were tapped and dried up, only to replenish themselves after long periods of inactivity.

The Shadow Weave changed all that.

On October 31st, 2003, 12:18 PM UCT, an explosion in Iraq near the Iranian border vaporized forty square miles of desert. The conspiracy nuts claim that Iraqi insurgents taking refuge in Iran detonated a nuclear device on an American army base. The American government insisted that Iran was test-detonating nuclear weapons in empty desert in order to provoke a response. The truth of what actually happened is lost to history.

But what happened next, everybody witnessed. A multi-colored “web” of energy spread across the world in a matter of minutes. Streams of power flared into being, then vanished, leaving a ghostly trail. People assumed it was fallout from the Iran Bomb, and began to panic. Disasters erupted across the world, from fault lines shaking, to sudden thunderstorms with multicolored lightning, to tidal waves, and even a few minor volcanic eruptions. Strange energies sparked off of electronic equipment, causing rolling blackouts and outages. Gaslines in cities ruptured.

During all this chaos, a bus full of children in New York City was knocked off course by a gas explosion and caught on fire. A group of firemen responded to the fire, and then suddenly one of them was enveloped by a flare.

At 2:31 PM UCT, fireman Randall Portman Erupted, drawing all the flames into his body and absorbing them, then grounding the excess heat into the asphalt below him. A number of local residents captured the event on digital recorders.

Randall Portman, dubbed “The Fireman” by the press, was the first publicly recognized Nova. The Brave New World had begun.

The Shadow Weave

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