The Brave New World

The Brave New World refers to the “Tales of A Dark City” multiverse as a whole. The Brave New World is one of countless Embodiment Realms within the multiverse. A number of Concept Realms have staked a claim on the Brave New World and are fighting for dominance within it.

The Brave New World’s prehistory is filled with magic. Magic, defined as the ability to alter the fundamental quantum forces of the universe through various means, has waxed and waned throughout Earth’s history, giving rise to legends of gods and monsters. At various times magic has been easier or harder to perform, according to the amount of ambient Avatar Energy present. Avatar Energy would build up, then magical traditions would tap into it, and then the energy would subside, causing magical practices and creatures to wane in power and be forgotten. Then the Avatar Energy would build up again and the cycle would resume.

However, around the time of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, humanity began to drift away from this magical boom-bust cycle, and began using technology that could be reproduced and used by non-magicians. Also around this time, the hold of religion began to weaken. Miracle workers could no longer sustain the Faith through their acts, and rationalists posited that if there was a deity, he was uninterested in mortal affairs.

By the Industrial Revolution, magic was for all intents and purposes dead. By the 20th century, no one believed in magic anymore, and so few thought to tap into the long-dormant forces.

Then, in the dawning years of the 21st century, The Shadow Weave changed everything. An experiment conducted in a secret military base attempted to tap into the latent Avatar Energy lines. The scientists present believed they were extracting Zero Point Energy that could be used to endlessly power America’s war effort. At the exact moment that the machine was turned on, a group of Islamic militants stormed the base and detonated a nuclear device.

Like floodwaters overloading a dam, the nuclear energy overwhelmed the leyline being tapped for the experiment. Because Avatar Energy had been allowed to gather for so long, the leylines were already filled to bursting. The leylines overloaded, creating a cascading energy release that saturated the world in Avatar Energy. The energy reacted with certain latent genetic introns hidden in humanity’s DNA, causing a chain reaction that caused these men and women to develop an M-R Node.

In previous centuries, the newly empowered humans might have been thought of as Gods or Demigods. In the modern world, they became the Novas.

The Brave New World

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