A Daredevil is an otherwise normal human who, through intense training, practice, natural talent, or the aid of wondrous devices, have abilities that are outside the human norm, though not so astounding as to be literally superhuman. They differ from Augments in that their powers came through dedication and hard work, with little-to-no genetic modification or chemical enhancement.

Historical: Daredevil is a relatively recent term, stemming from an interview given by The Jersey Daredevil in 2022. JD made a snide comment to an interviewer asking how he acquired his seemingly superhuman senses and martial arts skills. These skills, the result of years of intensive training, were mistaken by the interviewer as a form of Abnormal ability, and The Daredevil’s simple reply to how he gained his powers, “Practice,” got picked up by baselines who tired of their better-than-average abilities being described as somehow magical. The term “Daredevil” became popular through memetic mutation after a screen-cap macro series showing various stock Abnormal abilities (the ability to fly, cling to walls, shoot energy beams, juggle tanks, etc) with the caption “How did you gain the ability to [x]? Practice.” spread through social media.

Other Terms: It is hard to tell when a Baseline human has developed abilities that put them in Daredevil range. Daredevil powers are mostly based in technology and training. Commonly, Daredevils are split into three types:

The broader term Daredevil is generally used in conjunction with vigilantes who have no obvious superpowers but can compete in Abnormal arenas. The Patriot of The Patriot Society and The Jersey Daredevil are the most well-known Daredevils.

A Savant is a person who has nearly super-human capabilities in a particular skill. There is a very fine line between savants and a Ninja Nova, so fine, in fact, that it’s unclear exactly where it lies. Reverend Devlin of the Church of the Seven Thunders is extremely persuasive, but doesn’t otherwise have abilities beyond the pale.

A MacGyver is a technical genius who relies on various clever gadgets and devices. The term can also refer to Cyborgs and Mad Scientists, as well as the odd prop-wielding Nova. Though Dr. Remial Mortos is infamous for his Augmentations, he is first and foremost a chemical and genetic genius and would have been considered a MacGyver before his transformation.

Game Mechanics: Daredevils don’t manipulate Mystical or Spiritual powers as their primary Power Source—their powers are almost wholly Technological. While some daredevils may have powers from these other sources, to be considered a Daredevil almost all of their abilities need to come from Training or Devices. They usually have powers that are weaker than your average Abnormal—the powers they have must be something that a human could theoretically pull off (subject to a loose comic-book definition of possible, naturally). To compensate, they usually have some sort of extra luck manipulation or extra combat potential


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