Cyborgs are Abnormals who rely primarily on advanced technology, usually implanted in their bodies, for their abilities. Cyborgs are the most common Abnormal type in the world, because advances in cybertechnology are so prevalent and many people have at least a few augmentations.

  • Historical — The term Cyborg has existed since the 1960’s, though it was popularized by the Cyberpunk movement in the 1980’s. On June 24th, 2014, The Triton Foundation announces the first successful fully cybernetic limb replacement graft, which allowed for the development of more enhancements as the governments of the world struggled to match the Nova forces of The Persian Republic.
  • Other Terms — While Cyborg conjures up images of men with mechanical parts, other being use this Origin.

Battlesuits or Mecha are external suits of powered armored. The technology requires only a small neural link installed at the base of the neck, which allows a Battlesuit pilot great control over the armor’s gyros. Sometimes referred to as “Tin Cans” or “Tin Men,” battlesuits offer a great deal of protection, but are bulky and obvious, and there are a host of zoning laws which prevent battlesuits from being deployed among civilian populations except in extreme emergencies. Only the ARD is allowed to use Battlesuits for law-enforcement activities during peacetime in the United States.


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