Viktoriya Volkov (Nightshadow/Tori Wolf/Artemis)

Cyborg hacker and information gatherer


Nightshadow stands a few inches over 5 feet, with dark hair and gray eyes. Her light skin is completely without blemish, though she often adds color using cosmetics. Her body appears trim, lithe, and athletic, though she does have the curves of a mature woman.

When on the job, she often wears form-fitting, black bodysuits, and a black, featureless mask to cover the part of her face around her eyes. When walking among the populace, she prefers colored, ankle-length dresses.

Whether met as Nightshadow or her alterego (Tori Wolf), she is quick to smile and eager to engage in conversation.

Heading out for a night on the town:


In a blonde wig:



There is little enough public information on Nightshadow, and she likes to keep it that way.

Rumors of a woman that roamed Pinkerton Alley by night protecting those that needed it have circulated now and then, but the rumors have been difficult to confirm.

Viktoriya Volkov was born in Votkinsk, Russia on February 21, 2007. She left Russia with her parents and moved to Laguna Hills, CA when she was 7. She loved spending time outdoors, particularly at the beach and in the ocean. While she learned to surf, she did it for fun rather than entering competitions. She also learned a lot of tech skills from her father, Andrei. Her mother, Anastasiya, taught Tori a lot of the ‘softer’ skills, though she also taught Russian at a nearby community college after the Volkov’s moved to the States.

Over the years, Tori became a Tech wizard, and landed her first job when she was finished with High School at Nelson Digital. She was excited to move across country to start her adult life, but tragedy struck shortly after she moved away as her parents were killed in an horrific accident on the 405.

Tori worked at Nelson for several years, and even met her steady boyfriend there (Roger McGowan). While working at Nelson, she was terribly injured in an industrial accident, but with the help of a trust fund left by her father and some additional support from her employer, Tori was rebuilt to be better than before. However, when the company went bankrupt (due to Deva Ex), she disappeared into the anonymity of working a few waitressing jobs, most often at Highs and Lows downtown.

She currently lives in Pinkerton Alley, in a fairly large studio that was part of an abandoned warehouse. By day she works her silly job, and by night she roams the streets looking for good to be done. At all times, Artemis roams OpNet looking for ways to help the people and the AIs that need a hand.

Known cybernetic implants: Cyberdeck (with wireless access), nanite repair system, Mag-lock interface, reinforced skeleton, upgraded eyes, adrenal stimulator

Viktoriya Volkov (Nightshadow/Tori Wolf/Artemis)

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