The Midnight Marauder

Boxer cleaning up his neighborhood


Michael “The Anvil” Malone is a beast of a man. He stands a hair over 6’ 4" and is wall of muscle. You’d think him a stunt man or something from the look of him. Old faded scars can been seen over his eye and on his cheek. His hands look like those of a working man – big, board and strong. His smile reveals no missing teeth however. His day to day wear is pretty typical gym rat clothing as he runs Bad Company Fitness, though he does on occasion put on more swank clothing if needed.

As the Maruader, Mike is dressed in black body armor which covers him from head to toe. A pair of dark goggles cover his eyes and the occasional voice commands make it obvious that they give him information as well.


Born and raised in The Hellhole. Mike’s father was an alcoholic till Mike was 10 or so, he got sober after almost hitting wife. This drives Mike to avoid alcohol for fear of becoming
like his father.

Growing up Mike spent a lot of time out on the street – avoiding his dad mostly.This meant learning to dodge the local gangs and dealers. Before his father got clean, Mike started going to a gym – Bad Company Boxing. Here he learned to take care of himself and make a little side money cleaning up. Mike kept going to the gym and befriended the owner, Lester Lewis, who was a Olympic gold medalist in the middle weight division.

Lewis taught Mike more and even sponsored him in his first fight. Going 12-0-1 as an amateur and was set to go to the 2028 Olympics, Mike bowed out before stepping into the Olympic ring. He took over Bad Company Boxing from Lester shortly there after.

The Midnight Marauder

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