Mohammad al-Fadiq, The Mahdi

Former Leader of The Persian Republic


The Mahdi is a would-be world conqueror. He was the former president of The Persian Republic, a grandiose attempt to bring all the Middle Eastern and Arab States together into a mighty whole using shrewd diplomacy and clandestine attacks of terror from The Golden Dawn to provoke riots and destabilize other regimes.

He gained a great deal of power when The Avatars appeared in his lap. Not only were the Avatars incredibly powerful in and of themselves, but they could create new Novas by exposing them to Avatar Energy. With these weapons, the Persian Republic conquered the remaining Gulf States, occupied Israel, and then turned his legions on Europe. The Avatar Crisis, as this conflict became known, killed tens of millions and wrecked much of Europe in the process.

Eventually, however, the United States and the European Union discovered ways of enhancing their own troops and containing the Avatars, and The Persian Republic began to crumble. The Mahdi faked his death and went into hiding to escape being tried for war crimes.

Since then, The Mahdi has cultivated The Golden Dawn, turning it from a simple militant Islamic terrorist organization into his eyes and arms across the world. The Mahdi seeks to rebuild his shattered empire, release the Avatars, and destroy the decadent Western Civilization that thwarted his destiny.


The Mahdi is the Brave New World’s resident Evil Overlord, having come within a hair’s breath of actually achieving world domination. He’s a Nova, and a powerful one at that, with energy absorption powers strong enough to protect him from a nuclear blast. He can fire beams of Avatar Energy, direct that energy into his limbs to vastly increase his strength, fly, and project a field of power that most heavy ordinance can’t penetrate. The most dangerous thing about him, though, is his charisma and leadership skills. He is a meticulous planner and prefers working though his pawns in The Golden Dawn. Because he generates Avatar Energy, it’s not difficult for him to create Flares—temporarily empowered Novas. He’s fond of using Flares as decoys and false leads, and it’shard to know if someone is facing The Mahdi himself or one of his many empowered almost-duplicates.

Mohammad al-Fadiq, The Mahdi

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