Dr. Remial Mortos, The Ghoul King

Immortal cannibal mad scientist with a grudge



The brilliant Dr. Remial Mortos worked for Dark-Hawke during The Avatar Crisis. His achievements were many, but most people couldn’t stand the man personally. Mortos believed he was superior to the rest of humanity, and his arrogance was legendary among his staff. Most weren’t sure how his assistant, Lilian Krieger, ever managed to put up with him. Few were saddened by his fiery death in a lab explosion just after the end of the crisis, an explosion his assistant was mysteriously absent for. He was awarded a posthumous Nobel Prize for his work on a biorestorative formula that allowed soldiers treated with it to gain superhuman stamina and healing abilities, abilities on par with many novas.

His assistant took his place as head of the SPD—until she vanished, and a mutated freak calling himself “The Ghoul King” took over a radio tower and proclaimed that he was the dead Dr. Mortos, resurrected by the formula he’d worked on. He claimed the lab accident had been arranged by his missing assistant at the behest of the Dark-Hawke board of directors, and threatened to grant genetic modifications to anyone who came to him and flood the world with monsters until DHI was investigated by the US Government and shut down.

The Ghoul King has been as good as his word, unleashing horror after horror on the world from his secret monster shops in the sewers. He’s been captured several times, but has always managed to escape, and is apparently immortal, regenerating after every attempt to kill him. He is a chemical and genetic genius, and is one of the foremost sources of black-market super powers. He leads the Cryptkickers, a gang of hideously mutated “ghouls” which can take a beating and still keep coming. He’s interested in two things—furthering his knowledge of the structure of Abnormal abilities, and getting his long-delayed revenge against Dark-Hawke Industries.

Dr. Remial Mortos, The Ghoul King

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