Doctor Chimera

Shapeshifting scientist and doctor.


The doctor gives off an appearance like the ‘Invisible Man’. Bandages, Hat, trenchcoat, goggles, gloves, shoes. This is from a distance. Close up, one can see something…shifting…under his clothes. Maybe an arm gets too long. Maybe his torso moves like he has a mass of…something…on his chest. Something alive. Even the bandages sometimes part to show something hairy, or scaly, or some sort of shell. That does not last-because even after that feature changes, it quickly ends and another part of his body is effected.


Dr Simon Feck was a brilliant young man, graduating from high school early, getting His degree in medicine when he was only 20. In collage, he met Emily Kessler-a computer science student. She was attractive woman who for some reason saw something decent in him. Despite his lack of contact with most people, including his own family-she saw through his emotional walls and isolation.

Simon was working on the theory that due to evolution DNA was alterable along the connection of all life. Traits could be transferred to current living animals and people.

Simon started to come into conflict with various religious groups trying to end science in schools and other public offices. The group merged into one larger hate group called ‘The Seven Thunders’.

As Simon was working on his evolutionary link between animal DNA, his lab was bombed by the 7 thunders. Some of the chemicals poured over him, which combined with his injuries should have killed him.

Simon’s body took in a variety of animal DNA. Due to his own work, and the special materials used in the bomb, his DNA became unstable and unlocked access to all the other forms humans have descended from.

Simon woke up, escaped from the lab, and found he was unhurt…but not unchanged. His body never stopped changing. Even when in a human-like state, cosmetic changes would happen outside his control. He would always seem to be a mix of at least three animals-human and two others.

He was listed as dead, and everyone believed he was dead. He could not go back and claim who he was. The 7 thunders had targeted him, and would hunt Emily if they thought he was alive.

One person who did not believe he was dead-and knew about all this. Emily would not give up on him, and Simon is not sure weather he should tell her he was alive. There may be no hope for a cure.

The Zealots were using some sort of super beings in their efforts. Religious fundamentalists who planned more attacks. Simon may not have a true human body, but he was going to stop them…

Doctor Chimera

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