Dr. Caroline Quinn, AKA Carrion Queen

Self-Made Nova and Scheming Bitch



Dr. Caroline Quinn was a brilliant scientist, a double-Ph.D. in Physiology and Abnormal Biology. She worked on Project Hyperion, the US Government’s failed attempt to force-Erupt novas, and then went into the private sector, where her research gained her a place in Dark-Hawke Industries and their secret Project Prometheus.

But she was not the project lead, and instead was forced under the direction of a much less talented scientist who had better connections (an affair with one of the corporate heads). Being snubbed made Caroline bitter, and she began to sabotage the project, selling secrets to Pentex, Incorporated. Then she manipulated herself into being the first test subject. After months of painful surgery and weakening chemical therapy, she manifested the Latent Intron sequence of DNA responsible for the development of M-R nodes.

Before the procedure which would bathe her in Quantum Emissions, she sabotaged the sedation drug feeds of The Dirty Dozen. When the machine was turned on, she transformed, and then turned on the staff, using her new powers to destroy the lab and many of her fellow scientists before releasing the Dirty Dozen from containment and stealing all the research files, destroying what she couldn’t take with her.

Dr. Caroline Quinn, AKA Carrion Queen

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